A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are Le Knight Marionette, your knightly task to defend the sacred spot in the middle of the field.


  • Move your right hand like you control a marionette - Le Knight's head is locked to your palm.
  • Your thumb controls the sword - wiggle it to swing the sword!
  • Le Knight can shot fireballs too - make a fist, then spread your fingers quickly. The fireball has a cooldown time, watch the lower left corner.
  • Rotate the view by moving close to the edge of the screen, or with the A and D buttons on the keyboard.
  • Heal yourself by sitting down and keeping still. Lower your hand so Le Knight sits properly: bums on the ground, legs looking forward. If it is not comfortable, Le Knight can't heal. Keep your hand steady and after a while you'll see that your health start to increase.

The Windows and Linux versions are untested. Let's hope for the best.. :)


LeKnightMarionett_OSX.zip 133 MB
LeKnightMarionette_Win.zip 121 MB
LeKnightMarionette_Linux.zip 133 MB

Install instructions

Ummm... Nothing. Just unzip and run.

Ohh, of course you need a Leap Controller to control the game (The game was created for the Leap Motion Jam.)


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I entered the game and the hero laid down at the spot waiting for monsters to kill him? Didn't ever make him move at all. Weird! BTW, how can I contact the developer?